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jimin in danger dance practice requested by anon
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Okay guys look it’s really close!

You can vote for Rapmon here pleasepleaseplease

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its so fucked up trying 2 explain kpop to someone who doesn’t like kpop like how the fuck do you explain comebacks and music show promotions their strange as fuck fan service and how in the lords name do u show someone fantastic baby or wolf or catallena without cringing like fuck is kpop even real im starting to think its all one big fever dream

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Jin’s way to interact with his fans

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Just some really basic information about WINNER for new Incles.

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140824_Namjoon (for himclan)

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"She’s [Bobby’s aunt] like my mom in Korea. I come here when I miss my mom and want to eat home cooking. I come here whenever I’m homesick."

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*drake’s started from the bottom plays softly in the distance*

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Jinwoo eating and looking precious.
↳ requested by anon
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970901 // receiving gifts (cr.)
happy birthday, Kookie!

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JungKook September 1st, 1997

Special Facts about Jeon Jeongguk

 Jungkook hometown is Busan explains his accent,about his Satoori, “It’s true that I’m unable to fix it, but it’s also that I’m not trying.” 

In 7th grade Jungkook learned B-boying

 JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He thinks the color of Hip Hop is Black and Red.

In 10 years Jungkook want to be an Owner of a duck meat restaurant or a Tattooist which is explains why he’s so interested in tattoos ,but he is still too young, lol

Jungkook went to the Mnet for Superstar K2 auditions and got casted by my current company’s staff. When he danced, Bang Sihyuk PD told him,“No emotion. No emotion while dancing.” So, he went to the U.S.A for dance training. (Movement Lifestyle) 

 Jungkook role model is G-Dragon.

Jungkook dream when he was younger is Badminton Player. In the 1st year of High School he listened to G-Dragon’s song and changed his dream to singer.

His motto Living without passion is like being dead I’d rather be dead than cool.”

#BTSKOOKIEDAY Appreciation post Happy Birthday Golden Maknae 

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scared kookie vs shy kookie